Camera Department

Camera Department

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Please note that a crew member may appear more than once if they have more than one matching grade in this category.

The location displayed is crew member’s primary area of operation. A full list is available on their profile, or you can search by region using our callbox compass.

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Profile picture Staff Name Location Job role
Ross WilsonBristolDIT
Moses JeremiahLondonClapper Loader
Helen VidlerLondonDirector of Photography
Tim SpicerLondonDirector of Photography
Richard OsborneLondonFocus Puller
Olly BharatLondonCamera Trainee
Trevor KellyLondonVideo Operator
Joe WrightLondonFocus Puller
Roddy BarronLondonCamera Operator
Kirk ThorntonLondonGrips
Patrick GarrettLondonGrips
Paul BrinkworthLondonGrips
Allen Della ValleLondonDirector of Photography
Ross WilsonBristolCamera Operator
Moses JeremiahLondonCamera Trainee
Richard OsborneLondonClapper Loader
Max SmithLondonCamera Trainee
Johnny RussellLondonCamera Trainee
Greg WelbourneLondonCamera Trainee
Dan HassonLondonCamera Trainee
Pete BeightonLondonCamera Trainee
Ross WilsonBristolCamera Trainee
Moses JeremiahLondonDIT