Anna Saracka

Anna Saracka

2nd Assistant Director, 3rd Assistant Director, Researcher


Location: London

I am an AD with unlimited supplies of energy. I love what I do and I do it with a big smile on my face even if it’s the 12h of shooting.
With only 5 years of experience of working in the industry I almost have tried it all: feature films, shorts, documentaries, drama reconstructions, studio TV, location TV, commercials and corporate films. I worked with various talent: babies, toddlers, children, professional actors, dancers, supporting artists (up to 300 on set per day), A-list stars. I also worked with all sorts of animals: from dogs, cats and rabbits to emus, ferrets and bulls.

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Recent Work:

title: Barclays&Maggies (commercial)
prod. company: M&C Saatchi
dir. J. Harris
1st AD: Anna Saracka
position: 1st AD

title: SAS: Who Dares Wins (reality TV)
prod. company: Minnow Films for Channel 4
dir. Ch. Baristow
1st AD: Nick Gill
position: 3rd AD

title: The Scotts (TV drama)
prod. company: Comedy Unit for BBC
dir. N. Davidson
1st AD: Sean Boyle
position: 2nd AD

title: Emeli Sand Family (music video)
prod. company: Zebrafish Media
dir. L. Carter
1st AD: E. Lotherington
position: 2nd AD