Anna Saracka

Anna Saracka

3rd Assistant Director


Location: London

I am an AD with unlimited supplies of energy. I love what I do and I do it with a big smile on my face even if it’s the 12h of shooting.
With only 5 years of experience of working in the industry I almost have tried it all: feature films, shorts, documentaries, drama reconstructions, studio TV, location TV, commercials and corporate films. I worked with various talent: babies, toddlers, children, professional actors, dancers, supporting artists (up to 300 on set per day), A-list stars. I also worked with all sorts of animals: from dogs, cats and rabbits to emus, ferrets and bulls.

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Recent Work:

Title/Project                                                    Prod. Company.     Director.                     1st AD          Position

Martyrs Lane (Film) Martyrs Lane Limited R. Platt Peter Bromfield 3rd AD
Shadowland (Film) Dark Brood Pictures S. Fox Anna Saracka 1st AD
Schemers (Film) Schemers Film LTD D. Mclean, K. Titteron Hans Lucas Production Coordinator
GHD Three Queens (Commercial) R. Paringaux Irresistible Films Peter Bromfield 3rd AD
Fuller’s London Pride Marathon Wives (Commercial) Vermillion Films B. Stevenson Anna Saracka 1st AD