Louis Barron

Louis Barron

1st Assistant Director, Producer, Production Manager


Location: London

‘Having started in the industry at the possibly illegal age of 14, I’ve been working on set for well over twenty five years, covering hundreds of different jobs in scale from hundred million dollar Hollywood productions to rainy promos at 3am in Black Park and, surprisingly, I’ve enjoyed every single one.’

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Title/ProjectProduction CompanyDirectorPosition
Nintendo – Super Mario RunGround ControlKakimoto Kensaku1st AD
Everyone’s Going To DieMemory BoxJones1st AD
Borg Vs McEnroeTre VannerNiels Thatstrum1st AD (UK)
Playstation “Gran Turismo 6”MadamJones1st AD
CRUK “Survivors”RogueJones1st AD