Michael Daniels

Michael Daniels

Production Driver


Location: London

Experienced client friendly driver with over 12 years working with numerous production companies.

VW Transporter

My vehicle has 9 seats including driver, media insurance, Wi-Fi, power inverter and climate control.

Day Rate- £350 (10+1)
Saturday Rate- £525 (10+1) T1/2
Sunday Rate- £700 (10+1) DT
Overtime Rate charged at T1/2
TOC charged at T1/2
Fuel charged at 75p per mile outside M25 and at cost inside M25
Congestion charge included
Mercedes Sprinter

This Mercedes Sprinter is a lovely bright and spacious production Vehicle with space inside to stand up and move around, perfect working environment for production to work in.Vehicle has 9 seats including driver with seven in the back and one in the front for passengers.Features a large table which seats 4 around with plenty of space for 4 people to work with laptops etc.Electrical sockets,USB charging points and wifi.The vehicle also has a diesel heater which can be used while the vehicle is parked up at location or base to keep occupants warm without running the engine.A small generator is also carried on the vehicle for any extra power requirements whilst on location.Vehicle has a large boot space for carrying equipment etc.Power is supplied via a built in inverter connected to leisure batteries which supplies plenty of power for laptops,phones and printers.

Day rate £450 (10+1) hours – OT £56.25Saturday rate £675 (10+1) hours OT £67.50Sunday rate £900 (10+1) hours OT £90Night rate £900 (10+1) hours OT £90Mileage charged base to base £1 per mileDay starts first pickup/ last drop off, or call time to wrapAPA guidelines apply for cancellation and other charges.