Michelle Pierre Carr

Crew Grade: Costume Designer / Stylist

Location: London


A talented on-location and studio stylist with experience styling fashion and still life shoots for editorial and commercial exposure. Michelle comes with first class communication and organisational skills along with a strong attention to detail. She can take a concept and make it unique, adding real value to any shoot.

Recent Work

Milk Magazine - When we are Young - https://www.milkmagazine.net/serie-de-mode-when-we-are-young/

Harpers Bazaar - Free Flow - https://harpersbazaar.uol.com.br/bazaar-kids/a-brincadeira-esta-liberada/

Hooligans - Underground Girls - http://hooligansmagazine.com/hooligans-canvas-the-underground-girls/

Awkward World - Superhumans x1 attached - https://awkward.world/issue/16/M/

Athletics Weekly - In My Genes attached x2