Sophie Kenny

Crew Grade: 3rd Assistant Director

Location: London


Sophie is an experienced 3rd AD who works in Feature films, TV Drama and commercials, with some experience as a 2nd AD in TV Drama. She confidently steps up as 1st AD when required, and also 1st AD’s smaller music videos and shorts. She is experienced with a range of specialist requirements including; large crowd setting, running sensitive scenes and closed sets, working with children and animals, underwater shoots, motion capture, 4d Units, a wide range of stunts, driving scenes including running low loader units and many others.

Recent Work

Title/Project Production Company 1st AD 2nd AD Position
I Hate Suzie (TV Drama) Bad Wolf/ Sky Atlantic Paul Murphy/ Sarah White George Taylor 3rd AD
Big Boy (TV Drama Pilot) Little A Productions/ BBC Laurie Mahon Sophie Kenny 2nd AD
Horizon Line (Feature Film) ST Studios Jude Campbell Gemma Read 3rd AD (Reshoots)
The Corrupted (Feature Film) Eclipse Films Jude Campbell James Chambers 3rd AD (1 day 1st AD Main Unit)
Cold Courage (TV Drama) Luminoir Edd Stevesyns Ynke Paridaens 3rd AD (UK Shoot)