Abs Allam

Abs Allam

Production Driver


Location: London

Location: LondonBio: Abs Allam, a seasoned logistics driver with over 20 years ofexperience in film production who started his fleet ofvehicles 3 years ago, is a beacon of reliability and comfort. Hisvibrant personality and willingness to exceed expectations make him astandout choice. He has 4 meticulously equipped vans in his fleet. Amongthem are 2 luxurious Mercedes Monaco 8-seater splitters, boasting43-inch screens, electric reclining seats, tables, and black e-leatherfinish. Equipped with power sockets, USB ports, and foldout professionalmake up mirror with LED-lit mirrors, these vans redefine on-roadcomfort. Rear production rails, bottle openers, deep sunken stainlesssteel cupholders, and a digital rear safe enhance the experience. Aunique external high-voltage power supply adds versatility.Further enriching his fleet is a Mercedes Sprinter equipment vehiclewith ample shelving, capable of accommodating heavy loads within its3.5-ton weight capacity. Additionally, Abs operates a Mercedes MonacoMobile office, a 7-seater marvel featuring WIFI connectivity, a worktable, and a mini fridge. With Abs at the helm, every journey becomes anunforgettable experience that seamlessly blends efficiency and luxury.

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