Micki Colker-Pearlman

Micki Colker-Pearlman

1st Assistant Director, Producer


Location: London

I’m a freelance 1st AD who transferred over from 10 years producing commercials. I have intimate knowledge of budgets and schedules, so am very production friendly – and happy to offer advice about shoot structure in early pre-production.

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Job NameProducerProduction CompanyDirectorRole
Samsung '#So You'Erinn FitzgeraldBuilders ClubJonas Hegi1st AD
Google Nest 'Magic of a Moment'Victoria AtetteySomesuchDan Emmerson1st AD
Macallan x Bentley 'The Materials'Michael EvansGreenroom FilmsBugsy Steel1st AD
Calvin Klein 'CK Underwear'Fabio MayorMayorFiona Jane Burgess1st AD
Head & Shoulders 'Derma Pro Claudia Winkleman'Ross SaundersContent FactoryScott Peters1st AD