Production Department

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Profile picture Staff Name Location Job role
Bindni KariaLondonProduction Manager
Olivia LynchProducer
Tilly GerrardLondonProduction Manager
Anna ArgirosLondonProduction Assistant
Katie CooperLondonProduction Manager
Ruaidhri RyanProduction Manager
Sagal Aden-BuxtonLondonProducer
Siobhan DalyProducer
Alex FieldingLondonProducer
Christine LewislondonProduction Manager
David RoseLondonProduction Assistant
Bella Russell-FlintLondonJunior PA
Gil KolirinLondonProducer
Jake CullenLondonProducer
Alice HayesLondonProduction Assistant
Kelly RossLondonProducer
Oscar ZitoLondonJunior PA
Oliver MalinLondonProduction Coordinator
Simon MarriottLondonProduction Manager
Jo MifsudLondonProduction Manager
Adam DiamondLondonProduction Coordinator
Tom O’DriscollLondonProduction Manager
Dom DanielewiczLondonProducer
Yazzmin AndersonLondonProduction Assistant
Kelly HewittLondonProduction Manager
Ryan WoodlandLondonProduction Assistant
Mariana Conde GrantLondonProduction Manager
Trevor KellyLondonProducer
Mike CarrLondonProduction Manager
Toby LucasLondonProduction Assistant
Bindni KariaLondonProducer
Matilda DaweslondonJunior PA
Katie CooperLondonProduction Coordinator
Serra ErkliLondonProduction Assistant
Queen BanerbieLondonJunior PA
Luka GlisovicLondonJunior PA
Ruaidhri RyanProduction Coordinator
Jo ThompsonLondonJunior PA
Andy PereiraLondonJunior PA
Alex FieldingLondonProduction Manager
Christine LewislondonProduction Assistant
Micki Colker-PearlmanLondonProducer
Bella Russell-FlintLondonProduction Assistant
Alice HayesLondonJunior PA
Kelly RossLondonProduction Manager
Oscar ZitoLondonProduction Assistant
Oliver MalinLondonProduction Assistant
Sam MinesLondonJunior PA
Simon MarriottLondonProduction Coordinator
Jo MifsudLondonProduction Coordinator
Adam DiamondLondonProduction Assistant
Malou CoindreauLondonJunior PA
Tom O’DriscollLondonProduction Assistant
Dom DanielewiczLondonProduction Manager
Louis BarronLondonProduction Manager
Kelly HewittLondonProduction Coordinator
Mariana Conde GrantLondonProducer
Trevor KellyLondonProduction Manager
Katie CooperLondonProducer
Tera PechmannovaLondonJunior PA
Joshua GanJunior PA
Christine LewislondonProduction Coordinator
Louis BarronLondonProducer
Eleri ShoneLondonJunior PA
Peter GloverLondonJunior PA
Wayne BentleyLondonProduction Assistant